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Jumping into the photography, film and/or TV world is a giant step that can feel daunting, especially when doing it alone. Having someone to help be a guide when learning the basics can be the key to unlocking the door to this vibrant and robust creative community for someone new.

You had help, right? Maybe you didn’t have an actual mentor but someone, somewhere along the way has helped you in your own journey. Return the favor or pass it along. You can spark a meaningful connection, provide introductions to other creative resources, expand your own network, and share tips you’ve learned that helped you navigate this business.You want to slide into your next role? You can take on your next challenge much easier when there is new talent continually coming through the ranks for all roles and channels. And oh hey, guess what? You’ll have mentors who are ready, willing, and available to help you in this next chapter of your career. See how that works?

Another bonus–in teaching, we also learn. Whether it’s going back to basics or researching something you don’t know the answer to, you’ll add to and grow your own knowledge base as you teach someone else. Plus, the satisfaction you’ll get from seeing someone that you’ve helped make their own way, have their own success, and improve their craft is reason enough to want to mentor. A truly empowering opportunity to give back and expand this wildly talented creative community.

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