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Kirsten Folken

Prop Stylist & Soft Stylist

How did you get into the industry?

I graduated with a BFA in Visual Studies and a minor in Advertising. I job shadowed a photo stylist and instantly loved how it combined both areas of study while working in a creative environment. I feel so fortunate that I tripped across this industry and the people that work in it are the best.

What inspires you?

Honestly, I get inspired by those little slow down moments that I acutally notice and appreciate the everyday things I can often miss. I love that clarity. It can be something really simple. The little things that bring me joy.

What is your hometown?


Favorite restaurant?

Any restaurant that serves good pizza!

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Time with family and friends, tackle projects and walks.

What is your favorite band or type of music?

I love 80's music

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

"Don't wish your life away!" My best friend's dad told us that when we were teens wishing for Friday to get here faster.

What book, movie read/seen recently you would recommend and why?

Lessons in Chemistry was my most recent read. I loved how Elizabeth Zott's character developed through the book and how she empowered women to challenge the boundaries put on women during that time.

Are you a traveler or a homebody? Why?

If the opportunity presents itself, I love to travel and be inspired by new places, but lately I probably fall under homebody.

Kirsten Folken


Mentor: No

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